Top 100 Fantasy Football Rankings For 2014 1.0

Normally I take about a month break from football before starting to break down my rankings for the next year, but this season it’s coming a little bit earlier than normal. The only problem I have with doing rankings this early is that it isn’t going to be as accurate as I would like it to be, I’m sure a lot of these guys will raise/fall on the rankings closer to the season, that’ll be determined by new coaches, how they do in the preseason, plus injuries. It’s still fun to break it down though, even if it is still February.

Things to keep in mind, I’m rankings players as if the season were to start today, so no rookies will be in the rankings, after the draft I’ll up the ranking to 150 players and include rookies. Free Agents such as Moreno or Decker are still considered to be on their old team, so that’ll also effect some players draft stock.

My rankings are always going to be under ESPN standard scoring rules (1 QB, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s 1 TE, 1 flex play [a TE, WR, or RB] 1 defense, and 1 Kicker) so non-ppr. I may release some ppr rankings closer to the season, but for now it’s just standard scoring. I’ll always state before each ranking if it’s standard or ppr.

1. Jamaal Charles
2. LeSean McCoy
3. Adrian Peterson
4. Matt Forte matt-forte-opxc-68246
5. Eddie Lacy
6. Peyton Manning
7. Calvin Johnson JR. 1382906781000-XXX-DL-102713-DC-JHG11
8. Josh Gordon
9. Marshawn Lynch
10. Le’Veon Bell
11. Jimmy Graham
12. Drew Brees
13. Aaron Rodgers
14. Zac Stacy NFL: New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams
15. Demaryius Thomas
16. AJ Green
17. Brandon Marshall
18. DeMarco Murray
19. DeSean Jackson 120113-desean-jackson-600
20. Knowshon Moreno
21. Dez Bryant
22. Antonio Brown
23. Alshon Jeffery
24. Doug Martin Doug-Martin
25. Kennan Allen
26. Julio Jones
27. Randall Cobb
28. Jordy Nelson
29. Vincent Jackson
30. Giovani Bernard Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
31. Nick Foles
32. Andrew Luck
33. Wes Welker
34. Rob Gronkowski
35. Alfred Morris
36. Andre Johnson Andre Johnson
37. Cam Newton
38. Eric Decker
39. Ryan Matthews
40. Arian Foster
41. Roddy White
42. Larry Fitzgerald
43. Andre Ellington hi-res-452521443-running-back-andre-ellington-of-the-arizona-cardinals_crop_exact
44. Chris Johnson
45. Reggie Bush
46. Frank Gore
47. Julius Thomas
48. Reggie Wayne reggie-wayne
49. Pierre Garcon
50. Matthew Stafford
51. CJ Spiller
52. Torrey Smith
53. Vernon Davis
54. Shane Vereen 1378853007000-shane-vereen
55. Maurice Jones-Drew
56. Michael Crabtree
57. T.Y. Hilton
58. Cordarrelle Patterson
59. Ray Rice
60. Victor Cruz
61. Percy Harvin percy-harvin-seahawks
62. Michael Floyd
63. Kendall Wright
64. Julian Edelman
65. Marques Colston
66. Ben Tate
67. Chris Ivory
68. LeGarrette Blount
69. Mike Wallace Mike+Wallace+Miami+Dolphins+v+Indianapolis+JYTnSJWWaAsl
70. Steven Jackson
71. Montee Ball
72. Robert Griffin III
73. Danny Woodhead
74. Darren Sproles
75. Greg Olsen 7730696
76. Jeremy Maclin
77. Andre Brown
78. David Wilson
79. Tom Brady
80. Russell Wilson
81. Jordan Cameron
82. Jason Witten untitled
83. Colin Kaepernick
84. DeAndre Hopkins
85. Rashad Jennings
86. Tony Romo tony-romo
87. Jordan Reed
88. Fred Jackson
89. Danny Amendola
90. Riley Cooper
91. Seahawks Defense/Special TeamsNFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks
92. Anquan Boldin
93. Justin Blackmon
94. Doug Baldwin
95. Pierre Thomas
96. Lamar Miller
97. Cecil Shorts
98. Matt Ryan matt-ryan-getty
99. James Jones
100. Trent Richardson

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